Destiny of an Emperor

Capcom, U.S.A.
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A Special Message from CAPCOM

You are about to embark on a long and perilous journey. Your forces are waiting for your orders. The future of a nation is riding on your shoulders... Dare to command!

With these words we welcome you to the world of ancient China. Destiny of an Emperor, created by CAPCOM, takes you to the war torn era of 2nd century China. An era of conquerors and rebels, Warlords and wizards.

We are proud to bring you this role-playing strategy game for your Nintendo Entertainment System. We believe the depth and complexity of this epic tale will enchant you for many hours of gaming excitement.

Destiny of an Emperor uses high resolution graphics, state of the art sound, and a battery backed RAM to store your adventures. We hope you enjoy this new addition to your video game library.

Very truly yours,
Joe Morici
Vice President CAPCOM, U.S.A.


Getting Started

Insert the Destiny of an Emperor GAME PACK into your Nintendo Entertainment System and turn the machine on. When the title screen appears, press the START button. You will be presented with a choice of four options.

GAME START - Shows you previous games saved on the cartridge.
REGISTER HISTORY BOOK - Starts new file for player.
ERASE HISTORY BOOK - Removes previous game file.
COPY HISTORY BOOK - Copies existing file so you can start from a point that you have previously achieved without risking losing what you have gained.

The cartridge can store up to three histories. They are labeled by number, name and experience level completed. After selecting a game to start or continue, a speed menu will appear. This menu lets the player decide on the relative speed that the text is presented on the screen.

The controls for the set up portion of the game are straightforward. the UP and DOWN indicators on the control pad move the arrows throughout the several menus.
Pressing the B button will be taken as a NO in a yes/no situation, or it will take the player back to the previous screen.
Pressing the A button allows you to select an option.
Pressing the SELECT button during most parts of the game will bring up the status screen (discussed later).
Pressing the START button gets you off the title page.

The first thing you need to do is start a new history book. By entering your name or code word, you will begin a new file in the cartridge, and be on your way.


The Status Screen

This screen gives the player the basic information regarding the condition of his main characters and their followers. Each Warlord in the game represents a group of men. The number of men in this group can range from a few to an amount equal to an army.

In the main box of the Status Screen are listed the leader and his companions. You must select STRAT to designate your Strategist. The numbers next to the Warlord's names represent the number of men in the Warlord's party and the maximum number of men that can be led by that Warlord. The picture and name of the leader are shown above the main box.

A star next to the name of a Warlord identifies that character as the Strategist. Not every character can become a Strategist! The use of "tactics" in battle is comparable to using magic, and not every character is so gifted. To the right of the main box is the name of the Strategist and two abbreviations: TP- Tactical Points. How many units of tactical energy your character has obtained. MTP- Maximum Tactical Points. The maximum tactical points the player's character can currently acquire.

The upper box in the Status Screen shows:

1. The current level of experience that the party has achieved.
2. The totals for money and food that the party has collected.
3. The total of experience points that the party has earned.

In the beginning of a new game the totals will be low, but don't be discouraged. They will rise soon enough. As you go up in experience (through battles), you will also gain tactical abilities. These tactics are listed later in the manual for your convenience.


The Play of the Game

Again, each Warlord represents a following of men. The game begins with the player's characters walking through the countryside of ancient China. As the characters travel through this world they will encounter people that they will need to converse with. To do this, press the A button while facing the new character. This will bring up the COMMAND SCREEN.

Pressing the A button again on the TALK selection will engage the player in conversation. The B button will take you out of the Command Screen.

The next selection from the Command Screen is CHECK. This selection allows the player's character to examine an area or item that is encountered.

The FORMATION selection on the Command Screen dictates the leadership of the party and the "marching order" as well. Arrange the order of party members by level of strength.

The next option on the Command Screen is GENERAL. This stands for general information regarding a Warlord. A new screen will appear showing the following stats:

Characteristics of the Warlord:

STR - Strength
INT - Intelligence
A.P. - Attack Points
A.C. - Armor Construction (Basic units of protection)
T.P. - Tactical Points.

This screen also lists the amount of soldiers that follow the Warlord, how his army is equipped, and the different tactics that are available to the Warlord.

The last category of the Command Screen is ITEM. This selection allows the player to equip his characters before they go to battle.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All characters should be EQUIPPED will helmets, armor, and weapons before entering a battle. If a Warlord has no weaponry, you can "pass" a weapon from a different Warlord to him. You must then equip the recipient of the "passed" weapon with that weapon to prepare him properly for battle. You can only use one weapon at a time in a battle situation. Note: When you choose ITEM on the Command Screen, the weapon that the Warlord is armed with will have an asterisk beside it.


The Battlefield

This is where experience is earned. Every battle is broken down to rounds. Choices are necessary for each round of fighting. The leader of the player's army has the greatest selection of choices. Each Warlord in the player's army, starting with the leader, chooses which enemy to engage with its army or tactics.

The choices are:

BATTLE - Attack the specified opponent.
TACTIC - Use tactics (if available).
DEFEND - Use if Warlord is weakened.
ITEM - Use item (i.e. Power Pill).

The next three choices are available only for the leader.

ALL-OUT - This is different from the regular battle scenario. If this is chosen, the player's army attacks the enemy army until one side emerges victorious. It's the quickest way to do battle, but it doesn't allow for much planning. Pressing the B button will stop the battle and bring you back to the battle selection screen.
RETREAT - This is a risky way to disengage from battle. If unsuccessful, the enemy army will hunt down and destroy the player's army.
REPORT - Spy information regarding the enemy's Warlords. This information can assist the player in his battle strategies.

If you wish to change the set up of a battle round, use the B button to go back to the area you wish to alter.

Tactical Note: The Strategist will fight alongside his allies if there are 5 or less Warlords in the player's party. If the player has 6 or 7 Warlords, the Strategist will withhold from battle and offer his tactics to all of the fighting Warlords. A maximum of 5 Warlords may engage in a battle at one time.

Fighting Tip: Gang up on the strongest opponent until he is defeated. This will eliminate one attack point from your enemy, and give you a stronger fighting position.


The Story

This game is based on real people from the history of China. The name of the Warlords and the locations all come from the 2nd century era known as the Later Han.

The land was in turmoil. The people were plagued by a bandit hoard known as the Yellow Scarves. These bandits were merciless killers and cutthroats that scavenged the villages and countryside. The people cried out for someone to deliver them from this scourge.

Three men answered this call. They amassed armies of followers and brought them together to restore law to the land. Each Warlord felt that an Emperor must be restored to power. These three began their adventure as friends and none of them had planned on becoming the Emperor. The battles with the Yellow Scarved bandits were only the beginning....


Additional Information

When your experience levels go up, some Warlords (Generals), gain the ability to govern more men. Their current number will not go up, however, until they visit an inn.

The inn is a very important setting in the game. Staying at the inn will boost all of your earned totals for men back to the limits that you had previously established. (Not bad for a few gold pieces!)

Look for the Trader. He can provide you with special items, potions and other valuable commodities. He may also be willing to give you cash for any extra items you possess.

Also seek the Town Historian. He provides you with a useful service. He records your current stats (into the battery RAM), and allows you to continue the game at a later date. He can also invite Lui Bei to join you at your current castle.

At your headquarters you can send Warlords to reserve or add Warlords to your party from reserve.


Items & Their Functions

ELIXIR A, B, C, and D - Remedy for recovering soldiers powers. "A" is the weakest and "D" is the strongest.
RESURRECT - Remedy for resurrecting a defeated Warlord.
POWER PILL - When used, it makes the fighters unusually strong. Damage in attacks are increased.
STEED - A present for a captured enemy Warlord to persuade him to join your side.
SMOKE POT - Conceals the location of your traveling party from the enemy.
GULLWING - A magical fan made from gull feathers that teleports the army to a predetermined castle.

The following items are not sold by the trader:

GOLD KEY - The key to the safe in Wang Yin's mansion in the ruined city of Luo Yang.
GEMSWORD - A precious item that is valued more as an art object that as a weapon.
INTRO LETTER - Shui Jing will not meet with you until you can present him with this item. It comes from one of his friends.
GUN POWDER - This will clear blocked passageways in caves.
IRON ORE - The finest swords are made from this ore.
CHI TU MA - The King of the horses. This horse can run great distances without getting tired. The Warlord that rides this horse increases his agility to a great extent.


Tactical Information

There are several tactics available to the player. These tactics are magical in origin and can have a decisive effect in battle. As a player advances in levels the number of tactics he knows will increase. The names of the tactics are in Chinese. (ed. note - Many of these are spelled differently within the game.)

Fire Tactics:

LIAN HUO: Purging Fire. The lowest level tactic using fire. Effective against one enemy Warlord.
YE HUO: Karma Fire. Slightly stronger; also effective against one enemy.
YAN RE: Blazing Flame. Burns all enemy Warlords.
DA RE: Magnificent Heat. Severly burns all enemies.
HUO SHEN: Lord of Fire. The strongest of fire tactics.

Water Tactics:

SHUI TU: Water Course. Digs ditch to hinder enemy movement.
SHUI XING: Water Star. Powerful water is led to the battlefield.
SHUI LEI: Water Thunder. Water is created instantaneously, destroying many enemy soldiers.
HONG SHUI: Flood. Fierce water spreads across the battlefield.
SHUI LONG: Water Dragon. Brutal water force.

Healing Abilities:

CHI JIN [Chi Xin]: The art of the Army surgeon.
TONG XIN: [Tong Xian] Copper Shaman. Herbal cures are used to give strength back to soldiers.
YIN XIN: Silver Shaman. Better herbs are used as remedies.
JIN XIN: Gold Shaman. Rare and precious herbs are used in this powerful herbal cure.
WAN FU: Perfect Recovery.

Miscellaneous Tactics:

JI ROU: Attack Softening. Reduces damage from enemy attacks by half.
WUO JIAN: Fire Reduction. Reduces effects of enemy's fire tactics by half.
SHUI JIAN: Water Reduction. Reduces effects of enemy's water tactics by half.
CE MIAN: Nullifies enemy tactics.
JI MIAN: Receive no damage from enemy attack.
CHENG NEI: Reduces the defense level of a castle. Use when player's party attacks an enemy castle.
YI JIN: Operatives cause an enemy Warlord to doubt his allies, temporarily halting his movement.
LI JIAN: Operatives cause an enemy Warlord to attack his allies.
QI SHOU: Surprise Attack. Only players army moves in the first turn of the battle.
JIE CE: Release the status which is caused by enemy tactics.
AN SHA: Assassination. Vanquishes an enemy Warlord in one turn no matter how big his force is.
BEI JI: Increase chance of critical hit. Same as "Power Pill."
FU BING: Ambush. Be able to move twice in one turn.
TUI LU: Retreat safely from battlefield. Screen changes from battle mode to map mode.
GUI HUAN: Return immediately to a designated castle. Same as "Gull Wing."



  1. Destiny of an Emperor
  2. A Special Message from Capcom
  3. Getting Started
    1. Game Options
    2. Game Controls
    3. Beginning a New Game
  4. The Status Screen
    1. Abbreviations
    2. Main Box (Generals)
    3. Upper Box (Lv., Food, Money)
  5. The Play of the Game
    1. Command Screen
    2. Warlord Characteristics
    3. Important Note
  6. The Battlefield
    1. Commands
    2. Tactical Note
    3. Fighting Tip
  7. The Story
  8. Additional Information
    1. Levels
    2. Inn
    3. Trader
    4. Historian
    5. Headquarters
  9. Items & their Functions
    1. Purchased Items
    2. Special Items
  10. Tactical Information
    1. Fire Tactics
    2. Water Tactics
    3. Healing Tactics
    4. Miscellaneous Tactics