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Dynasty Tactics (Sangokushi Senki in Japan) is an Ogre Battle / Final Fantasy Tactics type Romance of the Three Kingdoms game by Koei that will be coming soon to the United States. On this page we will present screenshots, images, portraits, walkthroughs and more. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Release Dates and Links

Release Information, Game Information, and Site Links (external).
NTSC = United States and Canada, PAL = Most of Europe and Australia.

Section Updates

5/23/05: Linked game information to our database and made new additions (e.g. Google, forums). Access new information through the resources and links above.

1/15/04: Cleaned page up, organized release dates, added Walkthroughs (below).

3/1/03: “Ram-Ba-Sha” (Dynasty Tactics track #19), the song played when you fight Lü Bu on the special Chibi stage in Dynasty Warriors 3: Xtreme Legends, or when Zhou Yu sets the Wei navy on fire in Dynasty Tactics, has been uploaded to the music page. Enjoy!

12/3/02: Inhuman has taken time out to assemble a tactics mini-guide complete with tactic illustrations for display here at Kongming’s Archives. We have prepared it for online display, uploaded it, and added it to the right-hand menu. Enjoy!

The Dynasty Tactics PAL release has been delayed to 12/13/02.

11/16/02: Added a new FAQ/Strategy Guide by Hibou.

10/18/02: The Dynasty Tactics soundtrack has been uploaded along with some fun lines from the game. It is possible that a few tracks are missing; they may be included at a later date. Thanks go out to ManY MusiC.

10/13/02: Our Dynasty Tactics Items Guide has been updated with new locations and Professor Worm has also sent me a wonderful graphical item map that compliments it nicely.

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Dynasty Tactics FAQs and Walkthroughs

Submitted FAQs and Walkthroughs for Dynasty Tactics.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 1 Game Map

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 1 Startup Screen
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Romance of the Three Kingdoms 1 Game Map

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