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Dynasty Warriors 3 – FAQ, Secrets, & Cheats (v1.1)

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For your viewing pleasure Kongming’s Archives presents a full-featured Dynasty Warriors 3 FAQ containing information on fourth weapons, red (unique) and blue (normal) items, tips and tricks, codes and secrets, secret officers, events, dim sum and fairly wine locations, and even more. To view a section’s contents click the “Show/Hide” link to make them visible or again to hide it. This makes the document much easier to navigate.

Table of Contents

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Game Tips and Tricks (Show/Hide)

Presenting a collection of tips and tricks for Dynasty Warriors 3. These tidbits will help you play with greater skill at higher difficulties, get fourth weapons faster, and build up characters more efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (Show/Hide)

Here is a list of frequently asked questions for this FAQ. Please review it and our Site FAQ before sending me any email, you question might already be answered on this site.

Game Cheats & Secrets (Show/Hide)

Presenting a complete list of codes and cheats for Japanese and American English versions of Dynasty Warriors 3. Please note that if you are using a PAL PlayStation (Europe) you will not be able to use any codes.

Secret Generals (Show/Hide)

Presenting a complete list of all secret officers in Dynasty Warriors 3 and the steps required to unlock them.

Stage Events Guide (Show/Hide)

In this section we present a list of events in Dynasty Warriors 3, how to trigger them, and any resulting effects. If an event also triggers a special item or fourth weapon we will make mention of that too. I would like to extend special thanks to the members of GameFAQs.com, Muni Shinobu, Manstart, bmwong, Ultrachinker, and PhoenixWraith2 for providing additional information to improve this section.

Dim Sum and Fairy Wine Locations (Show/Hide)

Each level in the game has at least one Dim Sum (pick up to permanently increase your life by 10) and one Fairy (Musou) Wine (pick up to permanently increase your musou gauge by 10). In this section of the FAQ you will find a section for each stage and where they are located. Dim Sums and Fairy Wines are always found in pots, not boxes.

Blue (Normal) Items (Show/Hide)

Normal items can be found on most stages and will vary in power. For example, the Speed Scroll, when equipped, will increase your officers speed by anywhere from 1 point to 16 points depending on the power of your Speed Scroll. To get better normal items win levels later in the game and on harder Difficulties. You Ting, on hard difficulty, Wu side, is the best place to get most items. Thanks to Koei for providing the stages at which certain items can be found.

Red (Unique) Items (Show/Hide)

All rare (red) items can only be found under special circumstances (detailed below). You can get these items in any difficulty and in free mode or Musou mode. Some are hard to get, I will provide additional details below to help with them.

4th Weapons FAQ (Show/Hide)

In addition to first, second, and third weapons (which are randomly found after levels) each officer has a fourth weapon. The fourth weapon comes with set abilities and is usually the best weapon for an officer. In order to get a fourth weapon you must be on hard difficulty and you must be on the proper stage (mentioned below). You may get fourth weapons in musou mode and in free mode. I would like to thank Praylood and Muni Shinobu for helping out, in one way or another, with this section.

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