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Dynasty Warriors 3: Xtreme Legends – Release Information Page

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Xtreme Legends (otherwise known as Fierce Warriors or Shin Sangoku Musou 2 Moushouden) is basically an expansion disk for Dynasty Warriors 3. It adds new features and may be played alone, but for the best experience we suggest combining the two. Because we get so many questions about this game we have provided you with this FAQ. If your question is not answered here please feel free to contact us, but please make sure you read it thoroughly.

Xtreme Legends – Frequently Asked Questions

With the announcement that Xtreme Legends (aka Fierce Warriors) will be coming to the United States, piles of questions have started to appear in my inbox. Because I do not have enough time to answer all of them I have prepared this page. Much of it is an adaptation of a section of Muni Shinobu’s excellent FAQ; the remainder includes additions made by myself based off questions I receive.

General Game and Site Questions and Answers

Playing Xtreme Legends without Dynasty Warriors 3

Playing Xtreme Legends with Dynasty Warriors 3

  • All available officers, items, and weapons may be imported.
  • Officer growth is carried over.
  • Officer rank and rank points are not carried over; they are reset to 0.
  • 39 characters Musou Mode – including the 7 Unaligned Officers (The exceptions being Fu Xi and Nu Wa, which are available in all other modes).
  • All 41 officers are available in Free Mode
  • All 41 officers are available in Challenge Mode (6 modes)
  • All 41 officers can now receive unlocked Fifth Weapons
  • Bodyguards Edit Function
  • Disk swapping is required if you want to play Dynasty Warriors 3 Musou Modes or stages with Xtreme Legends. (Once after turning the PS2 on with the game inserted, but not again during gameplay until you restart the console).

7 Unaligned Officers in Musou Mode

  • No new stages were added.
  • New stage arrangements, scenarios, and events have been added.

Free Mode

New Secret Characters to Unlock?

  • No new secret characters were included.
  • New alternate character costumes are available.

New Beasts to Ride On?

  • No new beasts were added, only the horse and elephant are available.

Bodyguard Edit Function

  • You may edit a maximum of 4 different bodyguards.
  • 4 different bodyguard types to choose from.
  • Normal Soldiers, Female Soldiers, Nanman Soldiers, Female Nanman Soldiers.
  • Nanman Soldiers selectable after clearing Musou Mode with Meng Huo.
  • Female Nanman Soldiers selectable after clearing Musou Mode with Zhu Rong.
  • Bodyguards are categorized into Normal Bodyguards and Musou Bodyguards.

Normal Bodyguards

  • Can be used in both Musou Mode and Free Mode
  • Can have their names changed.
  • Bodyguard weapons and items equipable.
  • Bodyguard weapons are the same as in Dynasty Warriors 3.
  • Bodyguard weapons come with 3 levels of strength, technically making the total number of choices 15.
  • Bodyguards may choose from 10 different items to equip.
  • Bodyguards may only equip one item at a time.
  • You start fresh with 2 Normal Bodyguards, here is how the number progression works: 25,000 = 4, 50,000 = 6, and 75,000 = 8.
  • With each 30,000 experience, Bodyguard Rank Names will change.

Musou Bodyguards

  • Playable characters are selectable as Bodyguards
  • Can only be played during 1 player Free Mode.
  • Character growth and advancement is carried over into Musou mode.
  • Can activate special two player (lightning) attack with Musou bodyguard.
  • Two player (lightning) attack available with each 100 kills.
  • Musou Bodyguards can’t change weapons and items.

Bodyguard Action Commands

  • 4 choices include Attack, Guard, Back Up, and Iron Wall.
  • Iron Wall is complete defense maneuver; bodyguards surround you.
  • Back Up orders bodyguards to target archers first.
  • Unlike rumored, you cannot issue commands individually.

New Challenge Modes

  • 4 choices include Downhill, Shooting Star, Combination, and Triathlon.
  • Downhill = Ding Jun, a race from top to bottom for fastest time.
  • Shooting Star = Siege at He Fei on the narrow bridge, knock as many enemies off as possible in a 10 minute time limit.
  • Combination = create elaborate Combo attacks to score more points within a 3 minute time limit.
  • Triathlon = play the above 3 challenges continually for high scores.
  • Character growth and build-up is carried into Musou Mode.
  • Rewards are given for high scores.
  • Same as in Dynasty Warriors 3, password is provided for online ranking.
  • Official Xtreme Legends Ranking Page (It will probably be here).

New Equipable Items

  • There are 15 new equipable items

Other Questions and Answers

  • 28 new CG movies have been added.
  • 2 new difficulty levels are included; Novice and Expert (Names may change)
  • In Expert Difficulty you can unlock new Fifth Weapons.
  • In Expert Difficulty, playable enemy generals are equipped with Fourth Level Weapons and include elemental damage.
  • A new weapon element has been added: Wind.
  • A new Combo Point critique system has been added, and will be displayed after battles.
  • With high Combo Points better items will be rewarded.
  • The ability to reset officer stats to default has been added and may be done individually (no need to reset everyone).
  • Cannot reset original Dynasty Warriors 3 characters to default.

Other common questions…

  • Should you buy this game?
    If you thoroughly enjoyed Dynasty Warriors 3 and you can’t wait until Dynasty Warriors 4 comes out you will probably want to fork over the $30 for Xtreme Legends. It will give you something to do until late March when the sequel comes out. If you are really tight on money (e.g. eating Ramen Noodles for dinner), or if Dynasty Warriors 3 didn’t seem very interesting to you, maybe you should wait. When in doubt, rent first. That is my opinion.
  • Do I need Dynasty Warriors 3 to play?
    No, but if you don’t have both game discs you won’t be able to play the kingdom aligned officers in Musou mode, you won’t be able to access the Dynasty Warriors 3 challenge modes, and you won’t be able to get kingdom aligned officer fifth weapons. You could say it isn’t a full game, but that explains quite clearly why it doesn’t cost $50.
  • You said disc swapping is required, how much?
    If you are using both Dynasty Warriors 3 and Xtreme Legends you will only have to disc swap once after loading up the PS2 and not again until the PS2 has been restarted or shut off. There is no disc swapping during gameplay.
  • Your question still isn’t answered?
    Feel free to contact the Webmaster (unfortunately due to time limitations I will not be able to answer any questions that were discussed on this page). New information on Xtreme Legends, however, is welcome.

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