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Presenting the “Fan Art” page, a place for you to share your Kongming’s Archives content related fan art of all kinds with everyone else that views this site. Submissions can be anything that is normally covered here (e.g. Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Dynasty Warriors, Kessen); we look forward to seeing your hard work.

To submit art please use this form to send me an email. Include your name, email address (i.a.) and Web site (i.a.) along with an optional one-paragraph introduction to your art. Please let me know what information you would like to appear online.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms Game or Novel Fan Art

All fan art is sorted by author and then by image. Contact information is provided in each header if available, images are sorted more by type than by alphabetical order. Click on one of the 64x64px preview graphics to open the related fan art in a new window. At the bottom of fan art a brief explanation will be included. You can click on the image in a popup to close the window.

Pang Shiyuan – Original Presentation

Lu Bu Ma Chao and Xu Chu Guan Yu Xiahou Dun Cao Cao

Xiahou Dun Taishi Ci Wei Yan Huang Zhong Zhou Yu

Clarinet – Original Novel and Television Series Based Presentation

Kongming Pen/Watercolors Kongming Defeated by Rain Kongming from Television Drama Kongming from Television Drama Three Kingdoms Cats Kongming Bishounen

Cheryl Austin Studio Dink (Marvelous Art) – Inspired by Dynasty Warriors

Lu Xun Sun Shang Xiang Zhang He Zhao Yun Zhen Ji Zhou Yu

Zhuge Liang Jiang Wei Zhou Yu Wei Fan Girl Wei Fan Girl 2

Pang De Pang De Guan Xing Wu Officer

WentianEmail – Original Presentation

Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi Guan Yu Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi Guan Yu

Beautiful Zhang HeEmailWeb Site – Inspired by Dynasty Warriors 3

Art of Battle Chibis

CaTigeReptile – Inspired by Destiny of an Emperor’s Wang the Tiger! NEW!

Wang the Tiger

Fan Art (Continued)

We have to keep the file size of this page down, as the actual art files are so large, so we aren’t including previews will all the art on the site anymore. Regular artist and a few of the professionals are featured above, while irregular artists are featured below. Don’t assume that everyone below is not talented, however, as some of them are extraordinary artists.

LynnEmail – Inspired by Dynasty Warriors 4 NEW!
( Xiahou Dun | Zhen Ji | Zhang Liao | Diao Chan | Gan Ning | Da Qiao )

Pure Evil - Dian Wei – Original Presentation
( Xiahou Yuan )

Vince – Original Presentation (Adobe Illustrator) NEW!
( Zhao Yun )

Paolino – Inspired by Dynasty Warriors 4 NEW!
( Zhao Yun )

Giao Chau (Jiuwan)EmailWeb Site – Original Presentation
( Zhuge Liang )

WilliamLWeb Site – Original Presentation
( Zhuge Liang | Little Zhuge Liang )

Alien Polak Email – Inspired by Dynasty Warriors 3
( Dian Wei )

Jason Molden – Original Presentation
( Zhao Yun )

Christopher S. – Inspired by Dynasty Warriors
( Guan Yu )

FalkEmail – Inspired by Dynasty Warriors 3
( Gan Ning | Zhou Yu | Lü Bu )

Pat Chen – Original Presentation
( Cao Cao | Xiahou Dun )

Michael – Original Presentation
( Lü Bu the Monkey )

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January 16, 2023