Sun Family Tree


Compiled By: Steven Trinkl


DISCLAIMER: This is by no means a complete list, and there may be errors. Where possible, I have included descriptions and the names (and family backgrounds) of wives. The names of females are usually omitted, with the exception of Sun Luban, Sun Luyu, and Zhou Ying. The list should be fairly accurate, but if you have suggestions/additions, including officer descriptions, please let me know. There may be confusion, as there are multiple Sun Jians, Sun Shaos, Sun Yis, etc. Nobody on this list is the same person as anybody else, so don’t let the names fool you.


NOTE: In the event of adoption, I have placed the adopted family member as a son of the person that adopted him/her. This is the case with Sun He and Sun Shao. It is most likely that Sun Jian was indeed Sun He’s foster father; however, whether Sun Ce really did act as father to the young Sun Shao is certainly open to debate, as no record either confirms nor denies it, and no mention of Sun Shao’s father is made other than that he is indeed Sun He’s brother.



-          Wu Jing’s descendants

-          Xu Kun’s sons

-          Quan Cong and his descendants

-          Zhu Ji’s daughter/Sun Xiu’s wife



-          Replaced Liu Zan with Liu Zuan.

-          Reordered Sun Jing’s sons.





·          Sun Zhong – The true name of this man is not known, because no historical record exists. Sun Zhong is merely the name used in its stead. A folktale exists, in which Sun Zhong is asked to choose whether his descendants would be emperors for only a few generations or generals for many generations, and he chooses the first. (The same folktale is said to exist about Sun Jian.)

o         Sun Qiang – Sun Jian’s elder twin brother. He worked alongside his brother but died fairly young – though he did live to see his two sons essentially reach adulthood.

§          Sun Ben – He was three years Sun Ce’s elder. He served Sun Jian first in the battle against Dong Zhuo. After Jian’s death, he took control of the army and went to serve Yuan Shu. He would soon rejoin Sun Ce. He died of illness after Chi Bi.

·          Sun Lin

o         Sun Miao

o         Sun Lü

o         Sun Shu

o         Sun Zhen – Marched with Zhang Ti against the Jin army and was beheaded.

o         Sun Xie

o         Sun Xin – Lost to the Jin army and was executed by Zhou Zhi.

·          Sun An

·          Sun Xi

·          Sun Ji – Served in the Jingzhou campaign under Lü Meng.

·          Sun En

·          Daughter (married to Cao Zhang, son of Cao Cao)

§          Sun Fu – He participated in Sun Ce’s attack against Liu Xun, then served on the border with Cao Cao. He attempted to surrender to Cao Cao but was found out and imprisoned. His sons were granted leniency and even found rank.

·          Sun Xing

·          Sun Zhao

·          Sun Wei

·          Sun Xin

o         Sun Jian – A Han general who gained fame as a pirate hunter in Chang Sha. During the Yellow Turban Rebellion, he was stationed in Xuzhou. He acted in the coalition against Dong Zhuo and achieved great success despite numerous setbacks, and ultimately was the lone force resulting in Dong Zhuo’s retreat from Luo Yang. Under Yuan Shu’s orders, Sun Jian then marched against Liu Biao, where he was slain in battle. He was married to Lady Wu and had at least one concubine.

§          Sun He (Yu He) – Sun Jian’s adopted son, perhaps older than Sun Ce. He served as Sun Jian’s bodyguard, then accompanied Sun Ce on his campaigns. He was stationed next to Sun Yi’s commandery when Sun Yi was slain, and thus went to investigate his death and punish the wrongdoers; however, he was slain by Sun Yi’s assassins.

·          Sun Zhu – Served as Chief of Qu’a.

·          Sun Yi – Served as Chief of Hai Yang. Died young.

·          Sun Huan – Served in the Battle of Yi Ling under Lu Xun, holding Yi Ling itself despite being surrounded by Shu forces. He later struck out, and his army slew many Shu officers.

·          Sun Jun – Served as Gentleman General of the Household of the Military.

o         Sun Jian – Served as General Who Pacifies Rebels.

o         Sun Shen – Served as General Who Guards the South.

§          Sun Cheng

§          Sun Ce – The firstborn son of Sun Jian. After his father’s sudden death, Sun Ce worked under the banner of Yuan Shu, defeating Lu Kang, Liu Yong, Xu Gong, Wang Lang, Zu Lang, and Yan Baihu before splitting from Yuan Shu’s service after Yuan declared himself emperor of the Zhong dynasty. He was named “Little Conqueror” and was often compared favorably to Xiang Yu of old. He was assassinated while contemplating a possible attack on Xuzhou. His wife was Lady Qiao, daughter of Qiao Xuan, and he had more than one concubine.

·          Sun Shao (Yu Shao) – His father was Sun He’s elder brother. Sun Ce loved him very much and took him into his own clan. He took over Sun He’s commandery when Sun He was slain and impressed Sun Quan with his abilities. Later, he led an army to oppose Cao Pi and his men at Guangling, successfully ambushing the Wei leader.

o         Sun Kai – Served as General Who Guards the Military, Marquis of Linchen, and Commander of Jingxia. Later, he would surrender to Jin out of fear for his life. Under Jin, he served as Marquis of Danyang.

o         Sun Yue – Served as General of the Right.

o         Sun Yi – Served as Grand Administrator of Wu Ling. When Jiang Wei was in trouble at the hands of the invading Wei army, he and Ding Feng went to reinforce him, but were held up by suspicious Shu soldiers who felt that they would attack Shu rather than help.

·          Sun Shao – Sun Ce’s only born son. He was born in 200 and may have been born after Sun Ce’s death. He acted as Marquis until his early death due to illness.

o         Sun Feng – It was suggested by some that this grandson of Sun Ce should receive the Wu throne due to his fair mind. For this, Sun Hao made up crimes against him and had him executed.

·          Daughter – Married to Zhu Ji, son of Zhu Zhi.

o         Daughter – Married to Sun Xiu, Emperor of Wu.

·          Daughter – Married to Gu Shao, son of Gu Yong.

o         Gu Tan – A Wu minister who served Sun Deng. When Sun He and Sun Ba’s factions fought bitterly over succession, Gu Tan was caught in the middle, and due to Lu Xun being his uncle, he was exiled with his brother.

o         Gu Cheng – Exiled with Gu Tan to Jiaozhou.

·          Daughter – Married to Lu Xun.

o         Lu Yan – Died in infancy.

o         Lu Kang – A talented Wu general who held the borders against Jin, but when he advised against attacking Jin, Sun Hao replaced him with Sun Ji. His wife was Lady Zhang, the daughter of Zhang Cheng. (Zhang Cheng’s wife was Zhuge Jin’s daughter.)

§          Lu Yan – Died in battle with Jin.

§          Lu Jing – He fought for the sake of his kingdom against Jin, but he was slain. Married to Princess Sun, Sun He’s daughter.

§          Lu Ji – A renowned poet. Was framed for rebellion, thus his clan was executed.

§          Lu Mao – A renowned poet.

§          Lu Xuan

§          Lu Dan

§          Sun Quan – The younger brother of Sun Ce and his successor. He continued the work his brother began, taking much of Jing in the name of the Sun family. He opposed both Wei and Shu – Wei with mixed results, Shu with absolute victory – and was recognized by Cao Pi as King of Wu. He later restored alliance with Shu and proclaimed himself Emperor of Wu. He had seven wives: Lady Xie (daughter of Xie Ju), Lady Xu (daughter of Xu Kun), Lady Bu, Lady Wang (daughter of Wang Lujiu), Lady Wang, Lady Yuan (daughter of Yuan Shu), Lady Pan, and Lady Zhong.

·          Sun Deng – Firstborn son of Sun Quan. He was surrounded by talented men, such as Gu Tan, Zhuge Ke, and many others. He was chosen as Crown Prince, but his father outlived him. His wife was Zhou Ying, Zhou Yu’s daughter.

o         Sun Fan

o         Sun Ying

o         Sun Xi

·          Sun Lü – Second son of Sun Quan. Served as Marquis of Jiancheng, but died young. His wife was Lady Pan, the granddaughter of Pan Jun.

·          Sun He – Third son of Sun Quan. He and Sun Ba fought for succession, but neither of them received it. He was married to Lady Teng, a woman of Teng Yin's clan, as well as Lady Zhang and Lady Wang.

o         Sun Hao – The final emperor of Wu. His administration was marked with bad decisions and inconsideration towards officers and people. He surrendered to Jin, thus ending the period of the Three Kingdoms.

§          Sun Jin

o         Sun De

o         Sun Qian – He was attacked by a bandit from Yongan. Sun Kai attacked the bandit, but Sun Qian and Sun Hao began to suspect Sun Kai of treason.

o         Sun Jun

o         Daughter – Married to Lu Jing.

·          Sun Ba – Fourth son of Sun Quan. He fought with Sun He for succession. His wife was Lady Liu, who was the daughter of Liu Ji, the son of Liu Yao.

o         Sun Ji

o         Sun Yi

·          Sun Fen – Fifth son of Sun Quan. His wife was Lady Yuan, the daughter of Yuan Yao.

o         Sons (5; their names and positions are not known)

·          Sun Xiu – Sixth son of Sun Quan, he served as the third emperor of Wu. He was fair-minded and just, but his administration did not accomplish much. His wife was Lady Shu, the daughter of Zhu Ji.

o         Sun Wan – Sun Xiu chose him to be crown prince, but Puyang Xing disobeyed his dying wishes, installing Sun Hao instead. Sun Xiu invented the character “wan,” as well as the names for his other sons.

o         Sons (3; their names and positions are pending)

·          Sun Liang – Youngest son of Sun Quan. He was ultimately chosen to be Sun Quan’s successor and was the second emperor of Wu, but was deposed by Sun Lin. His wife was Lady Quan, the daughter of Quan Shang.

·          Sun Luban – Daughter of Sun Quan. She was married to Zhou Xun, son of Zhou Yu, but Zhou Xun died early, at which point she married Quan Cong. She slandered her sister to death.

o         Quan Yi – Surrendered to Wei, along with his sons, when Zhuge Dan was defeated.

§          Quan Yi

§          Quan Yi

§          Quan Jing

·          Sun Luyu – Daughter of Sun Quan. She was married to Zhu Ju, then later Liu Zuan.

§          Sun Yi – The third son of Sun Jian. He was held in high regards by Sun Ce and was briefly considered as a rival to Sun Quan for succession. He served as Marquis of Danyang before being assassinated by his own vassals. He was avenged by his wife, Lady Xu.

·          Sun Song – Served as Colonel of Sound-Piercing Archery. Was chastised by Lu Xun.

§          Sun Kuang – The fourth son of Sun Jian. He died early. He was married to Lady Cao, the daughter of Cao Ren.

·          Sun Tai – Served as Colonel.

§          Sun Xiu – Served as Front General. When he was sent by Sun Hao to oppose the invading Jin army, he instead surrendered and became General of the Flying Cavalry.

§          Sun Lang – Sun Jian’s son, born to a concubine (said by some sources to be Lady Wu’s sister). A Wu minister.

§          Daughter – Married to Hong Zi.

§          Daughter – Married to Pan Mi.

§          Lady Sun – Married to Liu Bei. Many folktales are written involving her and Liu Bei. The truth is hard to tell, but she is recorded as an advisor to Liu Shan, thus dispelling the story of her suicide after Liu Bei’s defeat at Yi Ling. She bore Liu no children, suggesting that the marriage was never consummated.

o         Sun Jing – The youngest of Sun Jian’s siblings. He followed his young nephew, Sun Ce, across the Yangtze and acted as advisor, helping in the battle with Wang Lang. After Sun Ce achieved conquest, Sun Jing remained stationed in Hui Ji.

§          Sun Gao – Eldest son of Sun Jing. Apparently plotted to oppose Sun Quan, who had just succeeded Sun Ce, but was convinced not to by Zhu Zhi. Later helped avenge Sun Yi’s death. (Sometimes called Sun Hao.)

·          Sun Chou

o         Sun Lin – Sometimes called Sun Chen. He held total control of the Wu army. He was executed in turn by Sun Xiu’s officer, Zhang Bu.

o         Sun Ju – Executed by Sun Xiu.

o         Sun En – Executed by Sun Xiu.

o         Sun Gan – Executed by Sun Xiu.

o         Sun Kai – Executed by Sun Xiu.

·          Sun Chao

·          Sun Gong

o         Sun Jun – Before his cousin Sun Lin, this strict general was in charge of the Wu army. Many Wu generals died in opposition to him.

§          Sun Lin

o         Daughter – Married Quan Shang.

§          Daughter – Married Sun Liang.

§          Sun Yu – A trusted general who served under Zhou Yu in his campaigns.

·          Sun Mi

·          Sun Xi

·          Sun Yao

·          Sun Man

·          Sun Hong

§          Sun Jiao – Served under Lü Meng as captain of the reserve against Guan Yu and also participated at Ru Xu.

·          Sun Yin

·          Sun Xi

·          Sun Zi

·          Sun Yi

·          Sun Mi

§          Sun Huan

·          Sun Cheng

·          Sun Yi

·          Sun Feng

·          Daughter – Married to Lü Ju, son of Lü Fan.

·          Daughter – Married to Teng Yin.

§          Sun Qian

o         Lady Sun – A sister of Sun Jian. She was married to Xu Zhen. During Sun Ce’s campaign, she expressed worry to her son, Xu Kun, about a certain stratagem. Xu Kun gave Sun Ce his mother’s advice, and the battle was won decisively.

§          Xu Kun – An advisor to Sun Ce. He served Sun Jian and Sun Ce in battle, earning great merits, but died in battle with Huang Zu.

·          Xu Jiao – Lieutenant-General. Fought in campaigns against the Shanyue.

·          Lady Xu – Wife of Sun Quan. She was originally betrothed to Lu Shang.

·          Xu Zhai – Made General Who Defeats Wei.




·          Sun Xiang – A second-cousin of Sun Jian. He served as Prefect of Shou Chun under Yuan Shu and would’ve joined Sun Ce, but he was too far away and could not make the trip. He died a vassal of Yuan Shu.


·          Wu Jing – The brother of Sun Jian’s wife. He served under Yuan Shu in the war against Tao Qian and Liu Yao, then joined Sun Ce with Sun Ben. He served as Marquis of Danyang. He was succeeded by Sun Yi.

o         Wu Fen

§          Wu An – Said to be friends with Gu Tan.

o         Wu Qi

§          Wu Xuan – Married to Lady Teng, Teng Yin’s daughter.




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