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The following are search bar tools made by myself for Mozilla, Firebird, Camino, and Netscape Web browsers. Because they are based on standards they are also compatible with other tools which use the .src extension (such as Apple’s Sherlock). To install one of these tools in your Web browser, simply make sure you are using one of the browsers mentioned above, click on one of the links below, then accept when it asks if you wish to install the tool.

From this point, depending on your Web browser, you should be able to access the search tools in different ways. In Mozilla and Netscape you can select them in sidebar searches, or if one of them is set as your default search from the address bar. In Firebird and Camino you can select them in the search bar menu next to the address bar as seen in the image below.

Kongming’s Archives site search displayed in Firebird drop-down search menu.

The Kongming’s Archives search was created for obvious reasons, as this is Kongming’s Archives. The others listed (at this time two American Heritage searches and a Wikipedia search) were made by me because the online listing at the Mozilla project didn’t include the tools I wanted. I like the American Heritage dictionary more than any other, and the Wikipedia tool provided on their site did not work the way I wanted it to. Few of you will probably have use for the Legendary L5R Card Search, but if you like collectible card games you should certainly look into Legend of the Five Rings. Hopefully some of these tools are welcome additions to your collections as well. Feedback can be sent through the email form as always.

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January 19, 2023